Best celebrity homes

We all know them: the well-paid celebrities with their aspiring, fantastic homes! Well, now is your chance to get an overview as what concerns the best celebrity homes in the whole world! California is a very famous location, and most of these houses are enormous. Oh, on a side note, these houses are among some that are more expensive in the world.


Will Smith, Calabasas, California
Oh yeah! The great actor, Will Smith, has got one of the best celebrity homes (and certainly one of the largest, too). Looking more like a fortress or fortification than a home, it is so big that it ended up getting it’s zip code! Ranging from basketball courts and swimming pools to kitchens and living rooms, in a beige color nuance. No excuse for not being fit, Will Smith!


Arnold Schwarzenegger
The famous Terminator actor, now a politician, has earned lots of money in the films he has done. Moreover, that is quite a lot. Just as Will Smith, Arnold has built himself a true palace in California, Brentwood County. Surrounded by nature and trees, the house is 14,500 square feet! But that comes as a price, too, the house being one that are more expensive in the world. But house is a mild statement, considering the size. Red roofs and with a slight association towards Italian architecture, the house is certainly ranked among one of the best celebrity homes.


Jerry Seinfeld
This guy created a tv-show that became loved all over the globe. The outcome? A giant mansion in New Hamptons, New York. Jerry is a keen basketball lover, and just as Will Smith, he enabled a basketball court as well. With a big grass field and a swimming pool, too, this has to rank among one of the best celebrity homes! So the key to a big mansion: create a good tv-show that you are sure will be loved all over the world, and then wait for the dollars to tick in.


Aaron Spelling
Perhaps you know Charlie’s Angels, Starsky & Hutch, Dynasty, Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place. Or perhaps you’ve heard of them. All these were created by Aaron Spelling, a famous television producer. That ended up in much money, which in the end resulted in a 56,500 square-foot home. In fact the house, or more likely mansion, skating has four garages and an orchard. Tennis court and a bowling alleyIt also has a swimming pool. Rumors have it that a modern gym is located inside, too!. After all these television hits, it is no wonder he can live in such a great mansion.


Bill Gates
Last, but not least, is Bill Gates. The creator and founder of the Microsoft Corporation, and loved all over the world. Once called a geek, but he managed to transform all his crazy, nerdy ideas into this corporation. And see the result! A big mansion in Medina, Washington, consisting of 66,000 square feet! Well, that is four times as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, isn’t that cool? The rouse reaches 147.5 million dollars in value. That is a lot.