Top 3 Dream properties in London

Buying property, especially in such a beautiful and no doubt lucrative city as London, opens up great opportunities to eventually purchase your dream property. Another great angle to look at it from is that it will provide you with an opportunity to get to know the various, interesting areas of London. This article will enlighten you on the top three dream properties in London and the reasons why they are considered such a fantastic place to live and why they would ultimately become great investments.


St. John’s Wood, London NW8
Just by one gander at this splendid and almost mesmerizing townhome, it is just enough to realize the reason this would be considered a dream home. Elegance is no doubt visible from the exterior, so when you find out that it is within a stone’s throw of the world famous recording studio built by the one and only Beatles, the residence simply just can’t be beaten.


This particular property is under a current refurbishment, but you can pretty much guess that when it is finished, it will be undeniably worth the waiting period. It includes 4,000 plus square footage of immaculate living space, with six luxurious bedrooms and five elegant bedrooms. If you happen to have the extra money, this is a wondrous stucco-accented home that will provide you with countless years of great living.



Cobham, Surrey
This is a property that boasts sophistication and grandeur, yet there is a simple quality about it which is a little hard to define. In Cobham, it is considered highly sought after, as it promises a perfect life in a setting that borders on the ultimate serenity. The property has a massive, high-class kitchen and an entertaining space that is verbatim the size of the kitchen.
The commuting is extremely simple when it comes to getting to London, but Cobham is just as wonderful as London, just in a different way because of how charming the area is, winning the approval of so many. This particular area also has some of the very best schools in which London has to offer, so if you happen to have a young family, this would be a great residence for you to live in.
West Parade, Worthing
Located directly at the base of the seafront, this is a beautiful mansion that even though has the classic art-deco appeal to it, it is considered a modern development. This is a two-bedroom flat that splendidly has a balcony that wraps around, providing you spectacular views of sunsets that continually beckon the eyes attention.
The great Oscar Wilde wrote his famous novel, “The Importance of Being Earnest” while staying in Worthing, so you can only imagine the inspiration that will come forth when you live in the majestic area.
Fulfill Your Ultimate Dreams
As you can see, there are no shortages of dream properties in London and with such a vast amount of wondrous locations, there is always something for everybody. Just with a little searching around and a tad bit of inquiring, you will be able to find the property that will fulfill your ultimate dreams.