Buying a Home? Take a Look at these Inevitable Home Buying Inspection Tips!

The process of inspecting a home before purchase has become more important today not only because of eventual uncertainties that may require the purchaser to take responsibility but mainly to ensure that you are not purchasing a money pit. Unfortunately, often the inspection is somewhat rushed or even cursory. Chances of missing out on minor problems are high and sometimes a major defect is also glossed over. If you are sensible enough to put a lasting roof for your loved ones, here are some of the inevitable home buying inspection tips.



Visit the home well armed with a checklist

Becoming an “educated buyer” is essential to make your home buying experience a cinch. Your first visit to any of the homes for sale involves more than just taking a tour with the real estate agent. It is best to be prepared for the home inspection with a checklist and know how to be able to make a proper assessment of the homes for sale. The data gathered during the home visit will help you when you are making the final decision; that is which among the many homes for sale you will buy.



Take pictures of the house

During the home visit with a property agent, take photos of the house with your camera. Even if you’ve seen the property online or taken a virtual tour, you should take a few of your pictures so that you can hone in on areas that may not have been highlighted in the marketing materials. Bring a digital camera with you to get close-up shots of all the rooms, the backyard, the basement and other areas so you can review them later.



Observe other neighboring properties

Take a good look at the neighboring properties. How close is the home to your neighbors? Do you have a fence between you and your neighbor’s back yard? Take the time to observe the other properties in the neighborhood, look at the types of vehicles in the driveway, and determine how well-maintained the lawns and landscaping are. This will give you a general idea of the lifestyle and overall community lifestyle of area residents.



Identify 3 to 4 unique features of the property

If you plan on visiting many homes for sale, this activity will aid you in recalling the homes that you have seen. Try to identify a few features distinct to the house, like if there is a pool, a nice garden, an island in the kitchen, or a loft style bedroom that makes the property stand out among the rest. This will allow you to keep track of the benefits of each of the real estate properties that you visit.



Assign a rating

You can set up your rating system to filter out homes for sale that are not the ideal purchase for you to make. Use a scale from 1 to 5, assigning a high number like 4 or 5 to the ones that you would like to own. You will be able to make the decision of which of the homes for sale to buy or see if you still need to visit more homes for sale.


It is possible for a first time home buyer to breeze through the home buying process by using these vital tips, with the help of a good real estate agent, or one of the real estate websites to find homes for sale in their desired state and city.